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„Acta Scientiarum Polonorum” is an interdisciplinary scientific journal, established by Polish agricultural universities. Series „Administratio Locorum” („Land Administration”) has been  incessantly published since 2001. From 2020 the magazine will be published only in English. 

Series „Administratio Locorum” is concerned with the social, economic, geographic, legal, environmental and planning aspects of land administration. The aim of the journal is to provide an interdisciplinary platform for the exchange of ideas and information among scientists representing various disciplines, whose ideas and discoveries  tribute to effective land administration. Thus, journal publishes both reviews and empirical studies presenting the results of surveys and  laboratory works. Topics covered by our Authors include, i.e.: land administration, technical and social infrastructure, spatial economics, social-economic geography, land management, real estate management, rural areas, environmental protection, protection of historical buildings, spatial planning, local and regional development, sustainable development, urban studies, real estate market, transport systems, legal regulations for the land administration, and spatial management.

The primary aim of the journal  and its mission are to spread information and guidance  relevant both for authorities responsible for the effective land administration (local, regional and central), scientists and teachers.

Four issues are published every year.

The journal is published in a printed format (ISSN 1644-0749) and in electronic form (eISSN 2450-0771).

It is an open-access licence journal, offering free access to full texts of all the publications via website.

“Acta Scientiarum Polonorum” series „Administratio Locorum” is indexed in the following databases: AGRO, PolIndex, Baz Hum , Index Copernicus and  Central and Eastern European Online Library, SCOPUS, ERIH PLUS.

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